The Spirit of Lanna

Tour code : WT.CBT 03

Duration : 3 days 2 nights

Type of tour :Private Tour

Start and end : in Chiang Mai

Minimum passengers : 2 persons

Trip grade : Easy

Destinations : Chiang Mai - Lampoon- Lampang

Activities :
homestay, community based tourism, elephant conservation center

wild elephant watching kuiburi

Day 1     Chiang Mai - Lamphun – Ban Ta Pa Pao

09:00      Met by local guide at Chiang Mai Airport or Chiang Mai Railway Station. Transfer by van to the village, Ban Ta Pa Pao, about 60 kilometers from Chiang Mai.

10:30      Arrival at Ban Ta Pa Pao Community Based Tourism community. Welcome by the villagers with a welcome drink, served in a coconut shell cup. Check-in at the home stay. Hosts inform the guests about the family and the accommodation.

12:00      Local lunch at the home-stay, prepared by the hosts.

13:00      After lunch guests join the community in their daily activities such as making rice cakes, folding banana leaves etc.

15:00      Time to explore the community, including a small temple and museum on the hilltop with panoramic view over the village. Then visit the local village school. Here the young generation learn about recycling waste plastic bag and papers as well as helping to conserve the local culture. Elder people transfer their wisdom and knowledge to the school children.

16:00      Continue to explore the fascinating community forest with the local guide and learn about medicinal plants and herbs in the forest.

17:00      Return to the home stay. Relax.

19:00      Guests dressed in proper attire meet with the villagers at the community. Taditional Kantoke dinner accompanied by northern style music. Guests have an opportunity to socialize with the villagers and learn more or exchange with them about way of life, culture and traditions.

21:00      Overnight at the home stay

Day 2     Ban Ta Pa Pao - Lampang

07:00      Join your hosts to give morning alms to the monks.

08:00      Thai breakfast at home stay.

09:00      Check out. Drive to Lampang.

09:45      Visit a center for coconut shell products at Hang Chat district which are produced by the villagers including bags, lamps, mobiles, accessories.

10:30      Continue to visit Lampang Herb Conservation Assembly. Introduction and briefing about the activities of the assembly as well as its health and spa services including herbal steam and Thai massage. Enjoy one hour Thai massage with herbal compress. (Herbal products available for sale).

12:15      Drive to BB Coffee Restaurant for lunch.

13:30      Among the various family businesses, visit a home factory producing Lampang’s famous rice crackers

made of sticky rice and water melon juice called “Kao Tan Nam Taeng Mo”. Taste the delicious rice  crackers and see the production process before continuing to Patamasevee Learning Center which locates in a well conserved old northern Thai house. Learn about production process of beautiful paper lanterns made of bamboo sticks and colorful hand-made papers. The lanterns contain several wisdom and metaphoric meanings in Buddhism and therefore, have been used in religious and traditional ceremonies.

15:00      Visit the temple Wat Pong Sanuk, which won international plaudits for its inspirational model of community-led conservation in saving a unique form of Lanna architecture. The temple received a Heritage Award of Merit in 2008 form the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for its inspiring restoration efforts.

16:00      Transfer to the city center to board on a horse carriage to explore Lampang city passing by well conserved old wooden houses and buildings built in traditional northern style along the Forestry Lane and Gad Gongta old market.

17:30      Drive to ambient Lampang River Lodge Resort. Check-in

19:30      Transfer to down town of Lampang city for a Dinner at Khong Gin Ban Hao Restaurant. Enjoy typical northern style food which contains various kinds of local herbs and vegetables. Overnight at Lampang River Lodge.

Day 3     Lampang – Chiang Mai

07:30      Breakfast at the hotel.

08:00      Depart for Thai Elephant Conservation Center.

08:30      Arrive at the center and have a short briefing about the conservation activities of the center. Then get on an elephant’s back to enjoy one hour of gentle elephant riding, passing by the elephant nursery.

09:15      Stop at the elephant’s hospital. See how sick or wounded elephants are cured by the veterinary team.

09:45      See how elephants are bathed and trained by the mahout to work in the forest. The clever elephants here are also enthusiastic to play some musical instruments and even to paint a picture!

10:30      Transfer to Chiang Mai. On the way visit Ban Ta market to see interesting exotic fresh products offered by the villagers.

12:00      Arrive Chiang Mai. Lunch at the local restaurant Just Khao Soy. Here the famous Northern style curry noodles called “Khao Soy” will be served, followed by home-made herbal ice cream or seasonal fruits.

13:00      Transfer to Chiang Mai Airport or Chiang Mai Railway Station.

Service and Sustainability Highlights in Lamphun and Lampang 

“We are proud to share what we have.”

  • The people of Ta Pa Pao community live a simple life, close to nature
  • Basic but comfortable, Homestay accommodation and a warm welcome
  • Explore community forest, learn about herbal remedies with local guides
  • Multiple awards for conservation and cultural renaissance – the community have worked
  • together to preserve traditional performance arts and games
  • Drug-free and healthy community – “Eat well and sleep soundly”
  • Environmental camps and specialist nature study tours can be organized

"Our aim is to encourage people to love herbs, propagate knowledge about their use and simultaneously teach the need to conserve them."

  • Lampang Herb Conservation Club provides a one-stop service that includes herbal spa, medicine, cosmetic products and seedlings for sale. The place has a mountain of information for those interested in learning about herbs.
  • Health spa, massage, body scrub, facials, herbal sauna and bath, mud skin treatment are expertly administered and on offer at reasonable prices.
  • The club has 100 members and grows more than 150 types of herbs on its 17-rai plot in Muang district of Lampang and those of its members who account for 60 per cent of its production. Visitors can walk a 500-metre path laid with stones of various kinds and sizes conceived as a massage for the feet. It is lined with herbal plants and trees, complete with their names
  • ISO9001 rating.

  • Wat Pong Sanuk received an Award of Merit from UNESCO.
  • Restoration works are an inspirational model of community-led conservation in saving a unique Lanna temple. The project showcases the collective achievements of the monks and local residents working in close cooperation with traditional craftspersons, local authorities and academic advisors.
  • The project has achieved educational aims in teaching local history, seen in the thoughtful on-site exhibits and subtle notations of the earlier building footprint.
  • By empowering the traditional caretakers of the temple, the restoration project ensures that Waf Pongsanuk can continue to be sustained as a vital part of the cultural heritage of Lampang and northern Thailand for many years to come.

  • This market is several hundred years old – a historical melting pot
  • Nationally awarded and protected Thai architecture
  • Community managed market giving opportunities to local householders
  • Evening market at the weekend, something interesting for the whole family
  • Litter collection and clean up every evening, agreement on ‘ethical products’
  • Explore Lampang in the city’s carbon friendly, historic horse-drawn carriages

  • TECC was established to conserve and protect Thai elephants and to distribute knowledge to interested people. The Center was officially opened by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on March 4, 1992.
  • Elephant rides and elephant shows
  • Take a ride on an elephant's back around this picturesque natural site. The TECC presents the most eco-friendly show in Thailand, just as elephant traditionally worked in our forests.
  • TECC announcers have extensive knowledge. The Center demonstrates a strong commitment to the humane treatment of their elephants and are devoted to their well-being.
  • Mahout and elephant training school: 
  • Guests have a unique opportunity to become a mahout (or elephant rider). The Mahout Training School trains tourists to become mahouts, teaching basic methods to beginners, intermediate students and advanced courses to professionals. Learning to ride an elephant is a fascinating and memorable experience found nowhere else in the world.


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