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Zest of the South

Tour code : WT. CB 024
Duration : 9days 8 nights,
Type of tour :
Private Tour
Start and end : start in Bangkok,
end in Krabi
Minimum passengers : 2 persons
Trip Grade: easy
Highlights: Overland trip from Bangkok to the south with visits of many attractions, community based tourism in southern villages, mangrove forest , Khao Sok rain forest,, and beach holiday in Krabi

About The Trip

The Southern part of Thailand is renowned for its long-white sand beach, beautiful crystal sea, and people’s unique way of life.

This program will lead you to the south of Thailand via the eastern coast from Bangkok to Chumporn.  Then change the direction of travelling to the western coast, past Ranong, Kuraburi, Takua Pa , then turn left to Khao Soke and end in Phuket.

On the way to the South, you will have chances to take leisure on different beaches – Chumporn and Phuket.

It’s a very good combination trip between nature & culture elements, which allow you to observe beautiful landscape & scenery, and people’s way of living along the way from the central plain to the southern part of Thailand . Some interesting places and exciting activities are also added for your enjoyable trip.

On the way of travelling, we will have chance  to visit all interesting and non-tourist places such as Wat Sathatham & Tha Ka Village in Samut Songkram, where local people still keep their Thai Central Plain’s way of life – stay near canal & produce sugar from coconut juice & produce dessert from coconut sugar.  Visit Wat Yai Suwannaram, the most beautiful temple in Petchburi style of art; and Phra Nakorn Kiri Historical Park in Petchburi.  Phra Nakorn Kiri, built by King Mongkut (King Rama IV) as his Summer Palace , is located on the top of small hill known as Khao Wang ( 92 meters tall).  Take a cable car up hill and walk three hills ( 2 hrs. altogether ). 

In Prachuap Kirikhan, visit Hwa Ko Scientific Centre, situated on the beautiful white sand beach. 

From Prachuap Kirikhan to Chumporn, we will travel along the beautiful coastal road with stop to visit the fishermen village.  In Chumporn, we will have an amazing activity – boat trip into the sea for squid catching and seafood BBQ on board in the simply best romantic atmosphere (this activity might be canceled in monsoon season (usually June-October), but special seafood BBQ dinner will be offered instead). We will have nice time to taste fresh fruits in local orchards (orange, mango, rambutan, durian, etc up to its season).

After turning the direction to travel along the western coast to Ranong, we will have an ample time to visit La-Un mangrove forest, the biggest & most perfect one in the Southeast Asia , and visit some beautiful view points and small waterfall.  From Ranong, we will travel to Khao Soke for the rainforest trek and overnight on the Tree House for 1 night with the extension trip to touch the way of life of Southern people in Leeled & Klong Noi Villages with a really impressive activities (see detailed activities below). The real relaxation will be at Beach Resort in Krabi .

Itinerary :

Day 1  Bangkok – Samut Songkram (Wat Sathatham & Tha Ka Village incl. boat trip along small canals) – Petchburi (Wat Yai Suwannaram)

Overnight at Royal Diamond Hotel, the only hotel in the township of Petchburi
Meals: -/Lunch

Day 2 Petchburi ( Phra Nakorn Kiri Historical Park ) – Prachuap Kirikhan (Hwa Ko Scientific Center) – Chumporn (boat trip on the sea for squid catching / seafood BBQ)

Overnight at Chumporn Cabana Resort, Superior Bungalow
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 3 Chumporn (Fruit Orchards)  – Ranong (La-Un mangrove forest & waterfalls & view points) – Kuraburi

Overnight Kuraburi Green View Resort, Deluxe Cabin
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch

Day 4   Kuraburi – Khao Soke (Tubing/Canoeing/Rainforest Trek)

Overnight on Tree House at Art River View, the nature resort
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch

Day 5 Khao Soke – Klong Noi & Leeled Villages

Am After breakfast, travel to Klong Noi (1 ½ hrs. drive)
Arrival in Klong Noi Village , keep all luggage, and take leisure for a while. Then continue traveling to Leeled Village nearby.

- Arrive the CBT Group Office in Leeled
- Briefing on community history, CBT Groups, rules of tour group, tour program.
- Boat trip to observe the eco-system of mangrove forests (birds, crab-eating macague, variety of trees in mangrove forests) and    observe traditional fishing
- Return to CBT Group office and have homemade lunch with villagers
-Afternoon, transfer back to Klong Noi Village .  At leisure at the host home and participate in home stay activity with host  family such as preparing and cooking supper.
-Get together in one house for a welcome dinner and socialize.      

Night - Observe fireflies and its life cycle

Overnight: at the host home
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Optional :Visit the Monkey Training Center .  Observe monkey training and extra ordinary close friendship between man and monkey.

Day 6   Klong Noi Village - Krabi

Am Breakfast at the host home.

Sightseeing ride to observe local livelihoods around the community by boat with stops to see and visit some interesting places such as

·A community temple (the relationship of people and Buddhism)
·Boat building, the home factory that has been passed on to the youngsters for over 3 generation)
·Nipa Leaf Product Group (taste fresh Nipa Palm fruits and desert made of Nipa Palm fruits and wrapped by its leaves, Nipa leaf sewing to make strips of nipa palm roofing). Try your hands on sowing nipa leaf.

Lunch with villagers in this house

Afternoon-Visit Uncle Pan House.  Enjoy watching “tiger fishes” (Toxotes jaculator) and their amazing lifestyle of catching meals, and also seeing spotted doves. After that return to the host house.  At leisure until time for the transfer to Krabi (about 2½ - 3 hrs. drive).

Check in and overnight at Beyond Krabi Resort , in Krabi
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch

***For Day 6 -8, it is possible for a longer stay or to stay in a higher grade hotel with additional charge***

Day 7   Krabi Beach Holiday

Overnight at Beyond Krabi Resort
Meals: Breakfast

Day 8   Krabi Beach Holiday

Overnight at Beyond Krabi Resort
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9   Krabi – take the domestic flight return to Bangkok – then take the connecting flight for departure

Meals: Breakfast

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